Ernie-Aid Special Guest Star: Peter

Peter’s a super-dooper trooper! He’s the greatest confused straight boy ever. On behalf of Peter and East/West I’d like officially welcome you to ErnieAidPalooza! It’s time to rock to save the gaysians and there is no one better to do it than our favorite guy from one of our favorite sites – crushing krisis – spreading the love in all his teenage glory for the cause.

“Our poor pal Ernie has got a vast love for making his life harder for himself. Not content with the daily grind of his tech job and the implicitly high expectations of his Chinese immigrant parents, Ernie maintains a personal website that draws tens of thousands of page views each month, writes for the Asian Journalist association iistix, is a force to be reckoned with on the Dance Dance Revolution scene, and helped pioneer weblogging reality games with money paid from his own pocket!

However, all of Ernie’s spectacular extracurricular distractions and the grief that they bring pale in comparison to the current circumstances he’s found himself in: Ernie was recently laid off from his day job! In a perfect world, Ernie could sit at home all day watching Brad Pitt movies and plotting his next deviously addicting webgame, but in reality he’s got his head in the game and is already pounding the pavement in search of a new job.

During this lull in Ern’s employment, his good bud and puller-of-strings Philo set up a fund in his honor. We don’t know exactly what kind of money Ernie’s got squirreled away in Swiss bank accounts and tucked under mattresses. We aren’t sure whether this cash will go towards groceries, hosting charges, or quarters to pump into DDR. Frankly, I don’t give a damn. I’m here to implore you to pitch in a few dollars or cents to the cause, no matter what your money might wind up buying our jobless young gaysian friend. I suppose you might want to know why I’m soliciting for cash in the middle of this hit parade of Salon-featured webgame winning cam girls, lesbian doctor robots who look like Linda Fiorentino, and fundraiser-shattering Broadway obsessees? If you’re interested you can read about it in-depth on my blog Crushing Krisis.

I chipped in – not because I owe Ernie anything or because I think he needs my help, but because he’s one of the pioneers of the fun side of this little personal publishing revolution that we call Blogging… and because he has put a lot of time, thought and money into keeping me entertained this last year and I can do no better than to offer the same in return.

In that respect, I took a few minutes to shoot my special edition Ernie Aid collage and to re-record my ode to our favorite domain-name owning, Blogger dominating, SxSW nominated, Entertainment Weekly featured, unassuming, all around groovy resident California gaysian Ernie. Why? Because I love you, ErnDawg!
(Original Mix – ra / mp3)
(ErnAid Mix – ra / mp3)

Now that’s really rushing to the cause, Peter! Strippin’ and rockin’ for the gaysian we love. He’s giving his all including a donation for Ernie-Aid! Download the Ernie-Aid anthem today and get down to it and then give til it hurts! Our current total raised is $352.01! We thank everybody for supporting Ernie-Aid and call out for those of you who are thinking about it, but have yet to take the plunge. You know you want to. You know you’re gonna love it. You know you want it. Our telethon ends soon so now is the time to give. It’s a cruel world out there. Won’t you help today?