The Daily Grind

While it may appear that I’ve been napping on the beach in Baja, reality is just the opposite. Work is eating me alive and I’m still doing three people’s jobs in the middle of one of the two busiest seasons of the year. I really can’t cover it all. It’s just not possible and the prioritization of equally urgent tasks has become frustrating. Someone resigned from the board I’m the chair of and everybody is politicking me about the replacement. Psychic school has been intensive and I’ve been put in the hot seat there a lot lately. I missed a week while we were in Detroit and with just two and a half months left prior to graduation they seem to be moving me out of the fire and right into the frying pan. And to top it all off there have been house guests. Any free time I have had was spent with them. I have two staff to hire, many meetings to attend, year end reports to write, a few grants to deal with, it’s enough to make a guy wanna yodel. I’m taking a hiatus. I’ll miss you and I should be back early August at the latest.