Precita Park Hooping

While sipping a Fresca the sound of Native American flute music quietly fills my room while I remember a sun and fun filled day spent hooping in Precita Park. At the corner of Folsom and Precita, just past Cesar Chavez, you will find a two block strip of lush and lazy grass featuring a sprinkling of sideline shade trees and, at one end, a playground chock full of predominately Latino children. At the opposite end of Precita Park today was the fourth weekly meeting of BAH! – Bay Area Hoopers.

Vera was spinning up a storm when I arrived. Our boombox pumped out the summer sounds of trance, keeping the revolutions going for four super fun filled hours. Wendy (above) joined us later in the day following her audition for the Punk Rock Orchestra. In my hooping world new tricks were discovered, new tricks were perfected. I also discovered the ability to walk and hoop at the same time, covering five blocks at one point before watching my hoop land quietly upon the ground below me.