Ernie Aid Special Guest Star: Ashley

Hello, and thank you all so very much for coming. I am Ashley Alderdice, you may know me from my PuppetMaster win, or from my website Today, we are gathered here to help change one of the most important problems the world faces today: Starving Gaysians. We’re starting close to home with our friend Ernie Hsiung, who was recently laid off from the AntiVirus company he works at due to an unmentionable “chicken salad incident.” I’ll say no more on that topic.

The point is, I’m here to help raise money to get Ernie back into the lifestyle he’s accustomed to, to the sex, the drugs, the men, and give him a little something back for all that he’s done for us. Ernie is an endless fountain of witty commentary, we thank him for the webgames, the time and love that he’s donated to us all. So won’t you give, just a little? I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Philo sez: It’s so Easy to Give. Click on the blue Ernie-Aid button at the top of this page to find out more about how you can make the world a better place. Our first day telethon total is $89.99! We may be off to a good start, but there is so much still needing to be done. Please give today.

If you can’t give there are other ways to support this vital cause. Like all big charity work and due to popular demand we now have buttons for your websites. Feel free to steal it and use it to help make things right in the world again. You’ll be glad you did.