Ernie-Aid: Epilogue

You should all give yourselves a major pat on the back. We raised $1025.76 during our Ernie-Aid telethon. From our guest stars, to our rockin’ donors, to everyone out there who helped spread the word and put Ernie-Aid buttons on their websites, it’s been so fantastic to watch Blogville all come together to face a difficult problem in our community head on. I’ll sleep better at night knowing Ernie won’t need to whore himself to fat old men on Polk Street for a pickled egg and a stick of beef jerky. Everybody’s work to help save our little gaysian friend has been a beautiful thing. God’s building a tanning salon in heaven for all of you. Who says nobody gives a fuck anymore? I feel like we organized Hands Across America, or perhaps something similar.

If you haven’t played the game yet or listened to the love theme (ra / mp3) be sure to do so. This concludes our Ernie-Aid telethon, efforts and reporting. I’m planting a big wet one on all of ya!