I’m Back & Japanese Spam Free

It’s another triumphant return of philohagen.com. Yay! This here personal website has been on the interwebs for a very long time. It originally launched in 2003, and that’s after a few years blogging with Choire on the East Coast/West Coast project before that. Then in 2011 a domain-auto-renew failed thanks to an out-of-date credit card, and the site was stormed overnight by Japanese spammers. You see, they LOVE getting their hands on domains with traffic and reputation, so they had their kamikaze hey days of million email blasting and malware linky mayhem for several years.

Then in 2015 they let the then ravaged domain go, perhaps accidentally as well, and a day after it lapsed I snatched it back from them. The site was rebuilt, relaunched and all was gleefully back on track – until the hack. They deleted everything and I hadn’t even backed it all up yet. Dang you Japanese spammers!

But now, dear ones, I’m over it, and we are once again rising from the ashes. If you’re looking for old posts though, well, I do have some older stuff that I’m going to slowly be adding over time and back dating it, but a lot of what was is simply gone. And I’m okay with that since I’m all about letting go of the past today anyway. It’s a brand new day in the blogosphere! It’s a new day with new projects and all kinds of things in store so I’m pretty excited. Come along for the ride and let’s go!