Psychic, Medium & Paranormal Specialist

Well, hello! I’m a psychic, medium & paranormal specialist and I’m available for psychic readings, intuitive healing work, paranormal home & business visits, and psychic home & business cleansings. I grew up in a haunted house so spending time in creepy locations often feels oddly familiar, and at times rather comfortable for me. Doing this work still aids me in processing everything that happened as a child, while leaving me feeling grateful that I’m able to help others in similar circumstances. If you’d like to know more about my services you could just go to to the bottom of the page. If I’m going to work with someone energetically though, I really like to know who they are, and with that in mind I’ll tell you a little about my history, why I do this type of work and what qualifies me to do it.

Growing up as a psychic kid I was repeatedly told that what I saw, heard and experienced was all just the product of a youthful and overactive imagination. The spirit of a Chinese lady that would visit my bedroom most nights, however, begged to differ. I didn’t speak Chinese, so I never knew what she was saying. I’d just scream to alert everyone that she or any of the other visitors were back. “But there’s no way there’s a Chinese lady in our house,” my Mom would exclaim, adding, “You’ve got to stop this! Everyone is going to think you’re crazy!”

By the age of 11 this rather gaslit “I must be crazy” idea had unfortunately settled in, but thankfully I discovered alcohol. Not only did it allow me to experience a previously unknown sense of ease and comfort in my own skin, it also brought another kind of relief – the visions, visitors and voices stopped. Determined to maintain this newfangled freedom, it wasn’t long before my drinking solution became a drinking problem, one that would be further fueled trying to cope with growing up gay in a homophobic family. My downward spiral into alcoholism and drug addiction had me sinking deeper and deeper every year until eventually it ravaged everything in my life.

At 22-years-old, and more broken than I could’ve thought possible, I landed in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. Sobriety, much to my surprise, turned out to be a most welcome wonder, with a vast community of support, love and acceptance. A whole cast of characters loved me back to life. Everything was on an upward trajectory, except for one little problem – the visions, visitors and voices returned. At that time I only saw my psychic and medium talents as upsetting and unsettling, these episodes and events that would just randomly happen to me that I had no control over. I needed help and didn’t even know where to look.

Then one day at a coffee house in San Rafael, I sat down and someone had left a newspaper on the table. Sitting directly in front of me was an ad for an open house at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. I wrote down the info and I went later that week. The two instructors I met were very impressed with my untrained talents, and they informed me over time I’d be able to gain control of my psychic experience. The next two years were spent enrolled in BPI’s Intensive Clairvoyant Training program, as well as meditation and intuitive healing classes. The instructors were right too. I not only learned how to turn my psychic gifts on and off at will over time, when I did want them on I was also able to tune in better and more clearer than ever. I graduated from BPI in 2003.

I spent the next few years doing professional psychic work helping people with their love lives, careers and other questions when a friend from BPI and I met for coffee in the fall of 2006. It turned out we were both avid watchers of a relatively new show at the time called Ghost Hunters, and we shared the same criticisms of it too. Several discussions later we decided to start San Francisco Paranormal Investigations (SFPI) with the idea that bringing psychics into paranormal work could generate greater scientific results. The original idea was one of us would go in and see what was happening on a property first, then a tech crew would come in later with EMF detectors, EVP recorders and the like to see what they could find.

Our third case had us investigating an apartment near Dolores Park. I walked up to the address and asked, “Who is the old lady in the pink bathrobe on the third floor staring down at us?” My friend said, “You’ll find out because that’s where we are going.” Inside the flat I had a lengthy conversation with the spirit of the old woman. She had lived in the apartment for forty years and she had no interest in leaving. She didn’t know that she’d died – which is so often the case. I asked if she wanted help moving on and she said no. I asked her if she could be more polite to the new tenants then, that she was in their home now, not visa versa. She said that she would.

Afterwards my friend informed me that we’d been invited to investigate the apartment where an agoraphobic woman had lived for 40 years, that the current tenants would see her apparition wearing a pink bathrobe sometimes, particularly in the kitchen. And that was the moment my love for psychic medium work on paranormal investigations truly began. As a psychic, while I’d received plenty of validation for my readings and healing work, the feeling I experienced having concrete factual evidence backing up what I just saw and heard was incredible. I could just hear my inner child shouting in delight, “Seeeeee, I told ya!”

I can’t get over how different the bathroom here feels now, the whole apartment really. It’s like an entirely different home except for that one ghost and now that I know who he is and that he’s just passing through I find the whole experience amusing. Thank you for coming.

David Arenas

When only one crew member showed up for the tech investigation that night, we stayed to help out and discovered there were benefits to doing so. I immediately verified that the woman’s voice captured on an EVP recording was that of the previous tenant. At another point our crew member was engaged with an energy he thought was her, but I informed him that it was a middle-aged male spirit from the first floor that travels the building and came in to see what was going on. We also suggested he try recording in a specific area where he got his best evidence that night. We decided going forward that while one or both of us would still do a psychic tour of the home prior to the arrival of any tech, that having a psychic medium on all of the investigations going forward would be a good idea, which proved to be incredibly valuable time and time again.

The house looks and feels fabulous. It felt as if we had returned to a completely different house.

Richard Parker

Historical research has also played a most interesting role. My friend was great at being able to look into the history on a property. This would often return names, death certificates and stories that backed up what we’d encountered. This awareness also eventually got me to look into the history of another building – the house I grew up in. And guess what? We learned something everyone in my family had been completely unaware of, a little fact that for me changed everything. Our neighborhood had originally been built by and for Chinese railway workers and their families.

Our dogs were always frantic barkers before Philo’s visit. We didn’t even know they could be this mellow.

Anita Brey

San Francisco Paranormal Investigations was active for several years, helped a lot of people and my friend and I were also able to heal and cleanse a lot of properties. The group fell apart not long after I moved to Los Angeles. Today my friend has a career where they don’t really want to have their name connected with ghosts anymore too and I respect that. While there is a paranormal crew with a similar name in operation in the Bay Area now, the two groups are not related.

Here in Los Angeles I perform paranormal investigations solo. If after visiting a home or business I find it valuable to bring in additional support, then I’ll call in the reinforcements. Those cases are much rarer than television would have you believe though. If you’re experiencing something paranormal where you live or work please know first and foremost that you’re not alone, nor are you the least bit crazy for taking your concerns seriously. We all deserve to live in homes that feel safe and are our sanctuary.

If you’re in need of assistance or are interested in a psychic reading or intuitive healing session please check out my Frequently Asked Questions page first and then send me an email through the contact page. While I’m not always available as timely as I’d like due to other commitments, I will get back to you at the first real opportunity.