Question: Are you available for psychic work outside Los Angeles?

Answer: I have history with this work in San Francisco and have returned a few times for cases, but I try and stick to the greater Los Angeles area these days. I have accepted a few paranormal cases that particularly interested me outside California so you can by all means ask, but it’s rare that I will and the associated costs of travel etc are the obligation of whoever hires me.

Question: What types of readings/services do you offer and how much are they?

Answer: Prices listed should be considered standard minimums. Los Angeles is a city of great wealth and great poverty and I like to be able to help when and where I can. If you can afford to contribute more it’s always appreciated, and if you can’t afford the minimum you can try messaging me anyway.

  1. Psychic Reading / Spiritual Counseling: A standard psychic reading appointment or spiritual counseling session surrounding questions of love, life, career, etc. are 50 minutes for $150.
  2. Intuitive Psychic Healing: I work with my healing guides to quickly and effectively clean up your energetic body and aura providing some insights along the way. These appointments last 30 minutes for $75.
  3. Combo Reading/Counseling & Healing: Appointments last an hour and 15 minutes for $200.
  4. Medium Session: Connecting with those no longer on this spiritual plane sessions are 30 minutes for $200.
  5. Paranormal: If it is business or real estate related there will always be a fee based on the property. As for home visits for families and individuals I generally only charge $100 as a community service although greater contributions are always appreciated.

Question: Are you able to make haunted properties feel normal again?

Answer: The short answer is yes. I’ve personally witnessed my psychic house cleansings working time and time again, but the honest fact is they don’t always take for a few reasons. In some cases there may be a spirit that simply refuses to leave. On a couple of occasions I’ve also seen things improve dramatically overnight, but a few weeks later the client calls to tell me something else is going on. Hauntings, particularly those in locations with a great deal of history and/or trauma, sometimes form in layers. We can peel off a layer of the onion only to find there was another layer beneath it we couldn’t see, and while I’ve gotten much better at spotting this scenario in advance it can still happen. Under typical circumstances yes, a property can feel normal again and I have references to back it up, but just because it can doesn’t always mean it will in your particular situation.

Question: Have you ever been on television or is there video of you doing this?

Answer: No, I have not and there isn’t, and for a reason. For a long time I wasn’t open to the idea because doing so brings a lot more energy into my life space that I previously didn’t want to have to manage. It’s been valuable for quite some time to keep things pretty simple, though I’m much more open to the idea today.

Question: If you come to my place for paranormal work can I be there?

Answer: While you or someone would need to be there to let me in, I’ve learned over the years that it’s best if you’re not on the property when I’m reading it, even if you just go to Norm’s and get some pancakes. Why? I need to see what energies belong to the property and given that spirits do (rarely) attach themselves to people, by removing the people I’m much more able to focus on what is happening specific to the property.